Precast Concrete Homes is the best way to build your next house. Whether it is a custom built home or a project home you will be elated with the end result. When compared to brick veneer they are built faster and stronger with superior green credentials. Add to that better thermal and noise insulation, and the highest possible bushfire resistance rating, and you not only have an intelligent alternative to brick veneer. You have the best building system currently available. All designed & manufactured in Australia for the residential building industry.


  • Our home lacks northerly sun & has large tiled areas. The house stayed so warm. At minus 1 degree outside our home was never below 16 degrees without the heating on. Our home has held the heat very well throughout winter. Then to day 14th January it is over 40 degrees outside & we have not had to turn our air conditioner on, the Precast Concrete Home is so cool, it has s been cool all summer. The thermal mass benefits are obvious.

    –Stacey & Daniel, The Liculala, Bungendore

  • Our Precast Concrete Home was ready to move after just 8 weeks & with outside temperatures over 40 degrees in January the inside of our home was never over 27 degrees and was made comfortable cool by 3 ceiling fans. With double glazing we cannot wait to reap the benefit of the concrete walls retaining the heat in winter.

    –Cheryl & Wayne, The Jackwood, Bungendore

  • As a builder I found my first custom built precast concrete home to be the quickest home I have ever built! The ease was unbelievable with the client being the most happy with a finished 250m2 home being built and landscaped in 40 days… Cash flow was unbelievable as it was positive from day 9 at complete lock up. Cant wait to start the next one.

    –Mick Johnson, M Johnson Building Services