Why build a Precast Concrete Home?

Because your home will be built faster, it will be built better, and it will shrink your carbon footprint.

Faster to build

Precast Concrete Homes are locked up in 10 days and finished in 8 weeks including landscaping. Yes it can be done. Using this proven system over 50 homes have been completed in this timeframe throughout New South Wales, ACT and Victoria. And it can be repeated again and again.

Guaranteed building schedules reduce stress.

As Precast Concrete Homes have the roof installed on the fourth day of construction the weather can no longer cause delays. Work will always continue regardless of what is going on outside. Guaranteed building schedules provide peace of mind for builders and home owners when planning when to move into a new home.

Better Thermal Insulation

Precast Concrete Homes have a 6 star NatHERS rating while brick veneer only received a rating of 5.4. This makes Precast Concrete Homes cheaper to heat in winter and cool in summer. Of course this also makes our homes more comfortable to live in as well. Cool in summer and warm in winter.

Better Acoustic Insulation

The acoustic properties of concrete make our homes 20% quieter than brick veneer, creating a quieter environment to live in. This is perfect for building near busy roads or in crowded developments where homes are close together. Add to this the inherent fire rating of concrete panels and you have the best choice for duplexes or other developments with shared walls.

Structurally Superior

Precast Concrete Homes are extremely strong as the reinforced concrete wall panels dry at 60mpa. This forms a high-strength structure that is resistant to floods, earthquakes and ground movement. It also develops a 100% waterproof membrane so there is no chance of rising damp. Being solid concrete they are also resistant to attack by termites making them the perfect choice for building where white ants are a problem.

The Best Possible Bushfire Resistance

Precast concrete homes are the safest homes to build in bushfire prone areas. They exceed the
Australian Bushfire Standard (AS3959) for the highest “Flame Zone” category for councils in high-risk bushfire zones. No other product can achieve this without added treatments at a much higher cost. You can also add features such as roller blinds and sprinkler systems to create the most bushfire resistant home possible.

house on fire

Freedom to build what you want.

With Precast Concrete Homes your have the ultimate flexibility. We can work with your project home builder or custom builder to complete your new home. Either way you end up with the best quality home in the shortest possible time frame.

The legal bits are already done

All Precast Concrete Homes are engineer designed & approved. They also meet all BCA, ABS, BASIX & Council requirements.

Reduced energy use.

To start with they require significantly less energy to heat in winter and cool in summer. When compared to brick veneer this can be as much as 50% less energy. Less energy used equals less coal being burned and less CO2 being released into the atmosphere. A win for you and the environment.

Less waste

Precast Concrete Homes create less waste during construction. As completed walls are transported to the building site there are no leftover bricks or other materials that will need to be removed. Precise measurements of walls allows for the manufacturing plant to create less waste.

family in living space

Durability means longer lifespan.

Every building has a carbon debt to repay. The longer a building is used, the more time it has to repay this carbon debt. Precast Concrete Homes’ superior strength and durability gives it the longest useful lifespan over which it can repay this debt. They have the potential to be relocated and reused or even recycled into aggregate for new concrete or road base.

Less transport creates less CO2

As Precast Concrete Homes are built in such short times there are less trips by workers to the site. Shorter times equals less CO2 produced by workers travelling to the site.