New homes completed in 8 weeks? Not a problem.

Custom home builders, project home builders and owner builders can all achieve this. By using Precast Concrete Homes’ walls, and the most efficient building system available it can be done again and again. In fact using our fully engineered walls, and the proven system, builders have completed over 50 projects in the last three years, with every one of them being completed in 8 weeks or less.

The first 10 days

The efficiency we create means that the home can be weatherproof after just 5 days. This allows trades that would normally have to wait until lockup stage in a brick veneer home, to begin weeks earlier. Plumbers, electricians and insulation installers can all start work in the second week of construction, so that when the house is locked up, it is at a far more advanced stage than other building methods. This also removes the possibility of construction timeframe blowouts due to rain delays.

Some Lockups are better than others

As well as getting to lockup faster our lockup stage is much better. At our lockup stage the home is ready for sheeting and painting to begin as the electrical and plumbing rough ins have been completed, and the insulation and ductwork has been installed. With other construction methods these trades would be just beginning, meaning sheeting and painting are still some time away.

Now we’re cruising

From this point it is possible to complete the interior fitout while the exterior, including landscaping is completed. We have many other tips that will allow you to keep your home moving along at the fastest possible speed. As there is no waste created by bricks being laid the jobsite is also kept cleaner reducing clean up times.

How good is this?

The advantages of this high speed building has advantages for everyone.

  • Owners get to move into their homes sooner.
  • Builders get to complete more projects each year.
  • Investors get to see a return on their investment sooner.

You can explore the many other benefits of building with precast concrete homes here.

Days 1 and 2


Pour pads for walls to stand on.
Install precast walls.

Days 3 and 4

Install roof trusses.

Day 5

Pour slab.

Days 6 – 10

Install Roof and Guttering
Install doors, windows and eaves.
Complete plumbing and electrical rough in.Install insulation and ducting.House is now locked up and ready to be sheeted.

Days 11 – 40

Sheet interior walls and waterproof wet areas.
Complete tiling and install kitchen and bathroom fittings.
Complete fixout and painting.
Complete externals including; painting, paths, driveway and landscaping.

End of week 8 – House complete.