Structurally superior.

Precast concrete homes are structurally superior to brick veneer in every way. If you want a rendered or painted exterior there is absolutely no reason to look at any other product. By using our precast concrete panels you will produce a better, stronger, more attractive home in a shorter time frame.


The 125mm solid concrete panels dry to 60mpa, creating 100% waterproof walls. These walls are exceptionally strong, being able to resist damage from cyclonic winds, floods and earthquakes. They are also resistant to rising damp and earth movements for building in areas where these issues can cause problems.

Bushfire resistance

Sadly there have been many homes lost to bushfires across Australia in recent times. Precast concrete panels have the highest possible bushfire rating, exceeding the Australian Bushfire Standard (AS3959) for flame zone areas. With additions such as roller shutters and sprinkler systems you can create the most bushfire resistant home possible.

Extreme weather events

Precast Concrete Homes can withstand the worst that the harsh Australian climate can throw at them. The extreme weather events that we are seeing more regularly in Australia require a better solution than traditional methods, and precast panels are the best option. Precast Concrete Homes are flood resistant, cyclone resistant, and extremely stable during earthquakes and times of earth movement due to drought.

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